Monday, October 1, 2007

Inspiration: Cherie Amore

I want to knit this sweater from the new knitty with my bling bling yarn I've had lying around for months. I'll need to do some math to see if I'll have enough of the yarn, but I hope I do! (It is so depressing to be stuck to stashbusting and not get to knit any of the fun new patterns I see...)

update 10/3:
I still haven't checked out to see if I have enough of the bling yarn to knit this, but I am a little concerned about the weight. Technically the bling yarn is worsted, but I think it looks way thicker than that, so I figured I could get away with it as a bulky yarn for purposes of this pattern. But the more I look at the pattern, it seems to me those stitches are pretty big. I don't know if a heavy worsted is going to cut it. I'm a little disappointed because I really wanted to use that yarn for something awesome.

Thinking back to my stash I think the only bulky yarn I have that would be appropriate is either Lion Brand Landscapes or Moda Dea Cache. I also have some ribbon yarn, which might be interesting. I'll have to swatch it up.

I definitely have enough of the cache, but I'm a little worried that the colors and the metallic thread will be a bit obnoxious as a sweater. (Confession: I also think it is the prettiest yarn in the world and I almost don't want to use it because I like it too much... make sense? ha ha)

I think the landscapes would be beautiful, but I'm not sure if I have enough. I'll have to check. It's kind of a slubby yarn and I don't know how that would look in the lace part of this sweater.

Man, I hate being limited to stash yarn! It's torture! Ha ha. I want to buy some pretty hand dyed yarn for this project! :(

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  1. Considering you were worried about having enough yardage, this might be a silly suggestion. But...could you double up your bling yarn to make the worsted into bulky? Just a thought to get you through your stashbusting:)