Wednesday, September 19, 2007

WIP: Sheldina

I started Sheldina's shell last night. I guess up until this point I should have just been calling her "Dina".

As you can see, my yarn is all tangled up. Neither one of the "balls" is actually a ball right now, so it's just a bunch of loose yarn that I don't want to re-ball and it gets tangled all the way. I seem to recall when I worked on my Jayne hat I thought I could get away with knitting straight from the skein... and after I spent about an hour and a half untangling my mess I wished I had just taken the time to roll it from the beginning. Will I ever learn from my mistakes?

note: shine sport comes in a ball, but the light pink is down too far to work as a pull ball anymore and the hot pink, which I just started, was one of those situations where the yarn won't pull, so you yank on it and about half the yarn comes out of the center. I hate that.

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