Thursday, September 13, 2007

Mags Kandis on Color

I thought this excerpt from Monday's Knitting Daily might be helpful in the future when I am trying to pick colors for future projects. Here, Mags Kandis provides an exercise to learn the "language of color":
Here's an exercise I've found really helpful: Flip quickly through a book or magazine, looking only at the colors, not the content. Stop when a page speaks to you solely because of its colors— and then spend a few minutes studying the colors that spoke to you. Could you design a version of the Modern Quilt Wrap based on those colors? This exercise is a way of having a Color Conversation with yourself, a way of developing your own "ear" for the language of color. Practice these sorts of color conversations (could you knit a sweater to match a favorite photo?), and you'll gain more vocabulary for, and more confidence in, your color choices.
P.S. One of the reasons I keep this blog is just so I can save ideas and scraps of advice like this all in one place to look back on another time. This is one of those posts.

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