Thursday, September 20, 2007

The game plan

OK, so I now have the rest of my Cascade 220 to finish up Bluebell, and I'm also chugging right along on Sheldina. I haven't even started on Roxy's bed and I have like a million other projects I want to start on!! Plus, I'm in this do something new knitalong and I've totally been a delinquent and have not done anything new yet. Then theres the afghan....

So, the game plan:
I will put away Sheldina and finish up Bluebell, then I'm going to put the cat bed on the needles and work on that simultaneously with finishing up Sheldina (I like to get some variety in). I'd like to get another sweater on the needles, but I think once I'm done with Sheldina and the bed, I should probably work on a smaller project before starting another large project - otherwise the small ones will never get done - and I'm dying to knit up my cashmere arm warmers!

As for doing something new - the problem is that nearly everything I want to try is going to require me buying new yarn, which I am strictly forbidden to do. Some new things I'd like to do are an entrelac scarf (SWS), lace (lace yarn), Kool-aid dying (bare yarn), and, obviously, the mitered squares method in the Modern Quilt wrap that I've been obsessing over (yarn yet to be determined). For Roxy's bed I will be knitting with an eyelash yarn for the first time, and I've heard that can be a challenge, so I'm going to count that as my new thing. Maybe if I hack away at the stash in the coming months I can buy all the yarn I've been dreaming about and get started on my new experiments in knitting.

What about the afghan? Right now it's sitting in a neat little box on top of my ottoman, where it will rest until I work up the energy to hook again. (Funny, yesterday's knitting daily was about the rift between knitters and crocheters and why we should all just get along. And ever since I've started crocheting I still keep thinking - man this sucks! What crazy person actually does this? Crocheters suck. ha ha. On the upside, it is far less dangerous to fling a crochet hook across the room in frustration than it is a knitting needle. In that way, crochet really is best when I'm having a temper tantrum.)

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  1. Hi Pepper! Thanks for checking out my blog:) You're writing a paper on polygamy? Awesome! I noticed in your profile that you're a law student! Are you following the Warren Jeffs case on Court TV? I watch everday, and am waiting for the jury to come back...maybe today... Sheldina is super cute! I may have to buy some Shine Sport and make one myself...