Sunday, September 30, 2007

Dropped Stitches

I subscribe to the knit picks podcasts and I try to listen to at least the first half, but I usually skip the book reviews. The last episode, no. 22, was on dropped stitches.

I have to say, I wasn't paying a whole lot of attention to the first part which was about how to fix dropped stitches, because I feel like I have an handle on that. (Although, seeing as her explanation was about 10 minutes long, I'm guessing that if I had listened I would have learned something.)

Then she started on an interested subject about how to drop a stitch several rows down to fix a mistake you might have made (vs. ripping out several entire rows to get back to the mistake). Then, she explained how to drop a whole segment of stitches when you realize that you have screwed up a cable. Hmmm... Now that's going to be useful some day. So, I'm noting it here.

The thought of purposely dropping stitches in an FO sounds a little scary. I think some day when I have extra time (ha!) maybe I'll knit up a swatch and practice dropping stitches to use some of her techniques.

Worked a bit on Sheldina's shell last night while watching a lifetime movie about an abused wife who shoots her husband (and that totally counts as doing homework, BTW, since I'm taking a seminar on domestic violence law). The shell is almost done, I think I just have one more repeat of the honeycomb pattern then I 'm done. Sweet! Then I need to reball my light pink yarn because it is really out of hand.

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