Monday, August 6, 2007

Weekend Update

I went out so many nights this week that I really needed some downtime this weekend so I spent a lot of time knitting.

1. I sewed the button on my squatty sidekick. It is super cute!

2. I've made a ton of progress on bluebell - I'm 3 rows away from starting the hip shaping. I'm feeling a lot of pressure to finish her up in the next two weeks since I know it will be way to hot to knit with wool in Boston, so if I don't finish it here in the central air I'm going to have to put it away until late fall.

3. I bought a bad ass new row counter.

4. I lost my mind in the clearance bin at Jo-ann. Literally. I tried to hide all the new yarn from my mom because she doesn't want to ship it across the country, but then Roxy had to go ruin it by pulling all the hidden yarn out of the bag one at a time while my mom was sitting in the room. It was actually pretty funny. Oh well. Mom still didn't see the other 10 balls I already shoved in the ottoman. (Do you read this blog, mommy?)

5. I created a massive spreadsheet to catalogue my stash. I've got almost all the yarn I have here inputted, but not the stuff I already shipped to Boston.

6. I bought Roxy some super cute red funfetti yarn and my mom insisted I knit her a mouse out of it. It is pretty ridiculous looking. Looks more like a puffer fish. But I stuffed it with two pouches of catnip and Roxy seems pretty into it.

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