Monday, August 27, 2007

New Project! Gramy's Afghan

I still can't find my 220, so I decided to put to use the 50 balls of white acrylic that my Aunt Bev gave me this summer. (Yes, that's fifty balls!) And what else should one do with a windfall of 50 balls of yarn other than make an afghan? Am I right?

So, I found a cute pattern in an old Better Homes & Gardens design book, circa 1977, that I inherited from my grandmother. Fittingly, the pattern is called "grandmother's flower garden afghan." It's a series of crocheted hexagonal granny squares ("motifs") that are stitched together in a flower pattern. I'm making the base color white and then I will use the oodles of scrap yarn I have lying around to make the colored pieces. I even have yellow scrap for the centers of the flowers, but I may not have enough. But I think making an entire afghan with only purchasing one ball is pretty good.I made three squares last night, all of which will probably be recycled once I improve my crochet skills. My tension is sort of wonky and I keep splitting the yarn. I don't understand crocheters - knitting is so much cooler! But I want to be a well rounded needle crafter, so I am forcing myself to crochet a little bit. Anyway, there will be 145 white squares and 126 colored squares, so I figure I'll perfect my skills by at least square 50. Right? Then I'll see how many of the early, wonky squares I can save.

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