Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bluebell Body Completed (Or ready to frog?)

Well, last night I cast off the body on Bluebell and I have to say that I'm very disappointed with the way it is turning out. As you can see, the ribbing starts way too high, but I'm confident that can be fixed with blocking. But even when I stretch it down, the top three reverse stockinette stripes land straight on my ribs and the bottom ones fall on my hips making me look super fat, then the ribbing doesn't tuck in at the waist enough, so I have almost no waist line.

Here is a close up on the ribbing pulled down below the bust. Okay, looking at this pic, the waistline doesn't look so bad, but I think it's just the angle of the camera - straight on, it looks bad. So, check out the hip increasing - it's a little weird. The increases slant in instead of out. At first I thought I goofed, but then I compared it to the picture on the model and it's correct. Kind of weird, but if I pull the line straight when I block I guess it will create the appearance of flaring out instead of in.Anyway, basically I am relying on the miracles of blocking to save this sweater. If that doesn't work out I'm gonna have to frog (noooo!) because this yarn is too expensive for a sweater that looks bad on me.

I cast on for the sleeves last night - they are knit flat and will be seamed later. I thought this was a little weird since it would make sense to knit it in the round on dpns, but I think Japel might be trying to design the project so you only need one needle, which I can respect. Anyway, I would have knit them on the round since I have a pair on size 8 dpns, but I'm having so many problems with this beast already I decided it is best to just follow the instructions.

p.s. I want to finish this sweater, despite the Boston heat. I'm just suffering.

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