Saturday, June 23, 2007


My mom wants to use my yarn as packing material in the boxes we are sending to Boston. Fellow knitters, feel free to cringe.

I spent the morning sorting through my stash picking out the yarns that I won't be using for a few months for her to pack with.* Of course, if I ever knew which yarns I was going to use I probably wouldn't have a stash in the first place.... anyway, I mostly picked out all the cheap yarns and the one-skein impulse purchases to be demoted to packing peanuts. I'd like my nicer yarns with a high likelihood of being used in an actual project not to get dirty or lost or damaged. But, it was a fun opportunity to go through my stash. I found a lot of stuff I forgot I had!

Last night I worked on the sleeves of my raglan but I'm not too happy with the way they are turning out. They are really wide, even with shaping. I think the problem is that the armholes themselves are just too big. I never should have let my mom make me make them so wide... lol. She was helping me try it on when I was knitting the yoke so all the stitches wouldn't fall off the needles and she kept insisting I needed to knit more rows to get the armholes the right size, but I thought they looked the right size about 5 rows before I stopped (and that was a compromise!). But this is my first top-down raglan, so I guess in all fairness, neither of us knew if the armholes were supposed to run on the small side or the big side. Now I know. It's really too late to do anything about it now since I'm not about to frog the body up to the yoke! I'll finish this sleeve and if it looks way too baggy I guess I'll frog it up to the armhole and just make some puffy cap sleeves.

*note: I'm not packing my own boxes for the move because I do not have an aptitude for packing and this drives my mother so crazy that she is compelled to do it herself. It's not because I'm lazy.

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