Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Progress on Raglan

I'm nearly finished with the body of my raglan sweater. That pink stripe on the bottom is the last of the stripes - next I just need to add a row of grey ribbing on the bottom. I'm debating whether to make the bottom rib one inch or two-inches like the neckline and the rest of the stripes. I think I'm going to make the ribbing on the end of the sleeves one-inch so I thought it would be nice to have another matching rib somewhere on the sweater. I guess I'll knit an inch and try it on, then decide. I'm liking the tunic-look:

I love this top-down pattern because you can try the sweater on while you knit it - I think this is what helped my waist shaping to be so spot on. And with my Boye interchangeable needles it is such a cinch to try on - you can just screw off a needle on one end of your cable and screw in another cord in its place to make the cable long enough to go aroun your body. Best $45 I ever spent.

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