Tuesday, June 26, 2007

One down, one to go!

Last night I finished up one of the sleeves on my raglan. As you may recall, I was really unhappy with how wide the sleeve was. In consequence, it is composed of a lot of frantic, somewhat random decreases through the length of the sleeve. Luckily, you don't notice the random construction too much and I kept track of all the decreases so I can knit the second sleeve exactly the same way. It ended up being just past my elbow, with a 1 inch grey rib at the end. I didn't keep track of my decreases to keep the stitches in multiples of four for the ribbing. Didn't even think about it until it came time to knit the last two stitches of the first row of ribbing... and.... yes! they were multiples of four.

Now I just have to knit one more sleeve and weave in all the ends. Yay! I will definitely finish this week.

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