Monday, June 18, 2007

Massive Sale + Sad Pepper = Yarn Debt

So, Joann's is having an amazingly awesome sale this week and my mom and I went to pick up some photo boxes to help us organize the out of control craft room we've got going on. Anyhow, I've been feeling a little down this week so I mosied on over to the yarn section and found some great deals! Two yarns I have been coveting both had deeply discounted colors: Red Lion Cashmere Blend was only $2.97 a ball (compared to $8.99) and Platinum (grey) Moda Dea Cheerio was only $1.97 per ball (compared to $5.99). Yay!! So I cleaned out the Platinum - got 8 balls (which my mommy graciously bought for me!) and I picked up four balls of the yummy cashmere (or as close to cashmere as I'm realistically going to get... until I sell my soul to The Firm.)

I also picked up my own copy of Greetings from the Knit Cafe! I will blog about that awesome book later...

Oh, and I bought a heat gun. So no one piss me off!

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