Sunday, June 10, 2007

FO: Pig From Hell

I finally finished my amigurimi piggy. I call him Pig From Hell because I had a hell of a time with this project! I'm much less skilled at the crochet than the knitting and I kept getting totally frustrated! This is also my first amigurimi so I don't quite have the hang of assembling the parts yet. Nevertheless, I am proud of my little hell pig.

Here's a profile pic. Love the way the curly tail turned out!!

yarn details
Red Heart Classic Solid in Pink
100 grams/190 yards @ $2.39
scrap pieces of black Caron Simply Soft

leftover black eyes from Sheldon (these were slightly smaller than the eyes used in the pattern, but you can't beat the price... free)

pattern details

pattern: created by djonesgirl, sold on her etsy store at for $6.00
gauge: who the hell knows?
hook size: F
hours: maybe 4, not including time spent brooding
total cost: Maybe $6.50 (not including the cost of the new hook, because it's not fair to blame that on poor little Pig From Hell)

- IMPORTANT: embroider the nostrils on the pig's nose before you sew it on. (I didn't do this and it was hell to embroider them on later; in fact, they aren't secured at all because there was no way to do it - they're just hanging out. Pig From Hell hopes no one will pull on them).
- I was really confused about where to place the head; had to do it twice: it should go mostly on the top of the body cylinder, with just a little bit (or maybe even none?) over the end of the cylinder) And don't stuff it too much or he be too top heavy and fall over (also had to stuff it twice...)
- Since I was so confused about head placement, I didn't sew the eyes on before stuffing like recommended in the pattern. Although this wasn't as much trouble as the nostrils turned out to be, it still made things more difficult than they had to be.
- Legs: didn't get the hinge technique quite right. Well, actually, I did the first time. Then when I repositioned the head I had to move the legs and I was in a hurry so I just tacked them on without really following the instructions. Anyway, they don't exactly hinge.
- necklace? in the works.... but I really think I need to move on so I can lower my blood pressure.

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