Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Anthropologie Capelet

So, remember that ugly blue shawl I knitted? Well, I frogged that and used the yarn to knit this ugly anthropologie capelet.

The yarn is cursed.
As I was knitting it, my mom and dad kept saying "that looks awfully small" and I kept saying "it will stretch!" Well, it does stretch a little, but that doesn't keep me from looking like I'm wearing my 3 year-old niece's cardigan.

I took these pictures to illustrate how poorly it fits, but really they look pretty good... no? Well, I cast off waaay too tightly on the sleeves so they almost cut off my circulation and then I think I ended it a little short (which was partly because I was afraid I would run out of yarn, like I did with the nasty almost-shawl.) Also, the worst part, which you can't really see in this picture, is that the capelet/shrug is super short in the back and then longer in the front. It looks ridiculous! Ha ha.

I guess I'll try again.... someday.

The cursed yarn is Jiffy Mohair look. I have had 4 cursed balls of it in 4 different colors for almost 4 years. Maybe it will have an "accident" in my move next month??

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  1. haha! yeah! we do almost have the same look on our faces! *darn these blasted shrugs & capelets for making our lives miserable!*