Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Inaugural Post

This is my knitting blog! I often want to post knitting projects on my regular blog, but I fear my non-knitting friends might be bored by the knitty-gritty details... lol. So I'm trying this.

Also, I have been meaning to start a paper knitting journal for some time now to keep track of my projects. Really, I do everything else digitally, so why not this?

Saturday, February 17, 2007

FO: Jayne Hat

It's a Jayne Cobb Hat! (modeled by Ty) I knitting this cunning hat in a fury to finish it up in time for Pub Crawl II - just to make Ty jealous when I hit the streets of Sugar House looking like a big damn hero.

yarn details
Lopi (bulky) for the red and yellow
Renaissance Wool (worsted) for the orange part
both 100% wool

pattern details:
pattern is from someone on Craftster... I obviously didn't take good notes on this project; when I remember whose pattern it is I will be sure to give credit.


- I couldn't find orange Lopi for the middle part so I held two strands of the worsted weight orange wool together to get the bulky effect.

p.s. this post is obviously back-dated since it comes before the inaugural post... lol